Tiptop Replacement

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Remove old tiptop

Heat the barrel.

1. Heat the barrel of the broken tiptop with a lighter for a few seconds, then slide the tiptop off of the end of the rod. The tiptop will get hot, so consider using a pair of needle-nose pliers to hold the top while heating and removing.

Install new tiptop

2. Slide the new tiptop onto the end of the rod and check the fit. If the tiptop is a close fit you can proceed to Step 3. If the tiptop is loose and can freely move from side to side, you must build up the rod tip with carbon fiber tape.

Heat the barrel.

3. Build up the rod tip by wrapping it with carbon fiber tape starting at the tip and working your way down to the thread wrap.

Please note: Before you begin, remove the plastic film on the front of the C-Tape if it's present. Then, remove the paper backing, to expose the adhesive side of the C-Tape. 

You can slightly overlap each layer but try to keep the tape evenly distributed.

When you get to the bottom of the wrap area check the fit with the tiptop. If there isn’t much clearance you can proceed to Step 4. If the fit is still loose, add another layer of carbon fiber tape by wrapping from the bottom to the top

Repeat this process until the fit is good.

NOTE:  If you have to force the tiptop on you have added too much tape. The top should easily slide onto the tip of the rod.

Heat the barrel.

4. Glue the tiptop to the rod. Insert the strand of adhesive into the barrel of the tiptop and heat the side of the barrel with a lighter until the adhesive turns into a liquid. Slide the tiptop onto the rod and align it with the guides. Allow 30 – 60 seconds for the adhesive to cool and set.

NOTE: If the tiptop needs to be realigned just heat the barrel with a lighter and rotate it into position. Do not remove the tiptop to reposition it.

If there is a gap between the bottom of the tiptop and the thread wrap you can fill it with some of the carbon fiber tape. Build up the gap so that the diameter of the tape is slightly smaller than the diameter of the tiptop barrel.

Heat the barrel.

5. Seal the bottom of the tiptop by applying a drop of UV cured adhesive. Use the enclosed brush to evenly distribute it around the bottom of the tiptop barrel and the top of the thread wrap. Once it is covering this area use the enclosed flashlight to cure it. Slowly rotate the rod while shining light on the adhesive.  Total cure time should be around 30 seconds.

6. Wipe the freshly cured adhesive with the enclosed alcohol swab to remove and tacky residue that may be left behind.

7. Go fishing. You just replaced your broken tiptop and your rod is ready to go.

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