Our Story

We don't like the status quo.

We are relentlessly pursuing new technologies that enable the efficient assembly and repair of premium fishing rods.

Engineered with you in mind.

Our patented carbon fiber tape and proprietary adhesives yield lighter, stronger fishing rods. We have many more innovative products in development. Whether you are an angler who needs to repair some rods or a factory in need of breakthrough efficiencies, we offer solutions.

Quality is essential.

Our RodTeck team obsesses over the onshoring of fishing rod production, and we are enabling it. Using our products, our factory customers control their build quality and assemble their rods quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to change the country of origin of hundreds of thousands of fishing rods every year.

We are an American company. Our proprietary technologies are made in the USA, and our staff produces, packs, and ships our products to our diverse and growing customer base.

AST is based in upstate New York, USA. We sell materials for fishing rod assembly to manufacturers and anglers through our RodTeck® brand and a line of bonding products through our FlashFix® brand.