Is your guide attachment method permanent?

Yes, if our materials and methods are properly applied your rod components are permanently affixed to the rod.

How long does the glue take to dry?

The adhesive used to attach the guide to the rod will solidify in 15 minutes and be permanently cured in about 1 hour. You can fish with your rod 15 minutes after the glue is mixed.

Are the guides good quality?

Yes, our guides are steel frames with aluminum oxide ceramic rings. They are a popular choice for premium fishing rods.

What if my kit does not include a guide identical to the one I am replacing?

It is impossible for us to offer the thousands of guide types that exist in our kits, so we include a range of the most popular guides in our kits. Use the closest guide available if you need to repair the rod in a hurry. You can find a wide range of guides offered online by rod component suppliers.

Can I use your products to assemble an entire rod?

Yes! Custom rodmaking is now much easier because you don’t need to learn how to wrap thread, and you don’t need the specialized tools that traditional methods require.

Can I use the adhesives in the kits from other repairs?

Yes, and they are all available on our FlashFix.co store.