Hook Keeper Placement

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(shown with both hook keeper styles)

1. Lightly sand the area where the foot (or feet) of the hook keeper will contact the rod.

2. Position the hook keeper using a small piece of C-tape to hold the foot (feet) in place.
3. Apply a thin layer of liquid plastic over and next to keeper foot, and brush to smooth. Cure it with the UV flashlight, exposing it for at least 10 seconds.

4. Remove the C-tape and apply liquid plastic to the remaining area where the foot contacts the rod. Smooth and cure. Wipe with an alcohol swab.

5. Wrap guide foot with C-Tape. Start with one full wrap with a straight edge. Angle wrap over the foot. Finish with straight edge wrap. If installing a two-footed guide, repeat 3-5 for the other foot.

6. Apply liquid plastic to seal the wrap. Spread it with a brush to cover the wrap. Thoroughly cure the liquid plastic with the UV flashlight. Remove residue from liquid plastic with an alcohol wipe.

All done! Time to go fishing.

► Decide where you’re going to install the hook keeper. Generally, installing it on the same side as the guides works best. Place it above the foregrip, or if it is a split handle rod, consider placing it just below the main handle.

► Apply more liquid plastic if you have any thin or bare spots, curing thoroughly between layers. Rotate the rod to light all areas. It will take at least 30 seconds of exposure to cure the entire wrap. Be patient with this important step.

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