Our Technology

Rod Assembly Advanced

For decades, fishing rod guides have been attached to rods by wrapping the guide foot with thread, then coating the thread wrap with multiple layers of slow-curing epoxy. This method works but requires hours of practice, specialized equipment, and a lot of time.
RodTeck has changed that. We’ve developed new materials and methods that make it easy for anyone to assemble or repair a fishing rod. The process takes just a few minutes, and the guides are permanently attached.


Our patented, carbon fiber C-Tape represents the first significant advance in fishing rod assembly in decades. C-Tape is extremely light yet has tensile strength that exceeds that of thread. Best of all, it enables fishing rod assembly and repair without specialized equipment and hours of practice.

Our C-Tape is unique in that it is made of carbon fiber fabric with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) on the back of it. You can find tape with a carbon fiber "look", but C-Tape is the only real carbon fiber tape on the market. Used on a fishing rod, it's a light and strong guide attachment, yet it remains flexible so the rod blank can bend naturally.

Specialized Adhesives

Guides are attached to the rod by placing a small amount of adhesive under the guide foot, wrapping the foot with C-Tape, then sealing it with a UV cured clear coat. The PSA on the C-Tape and the other two adhesives were developed to work in harmony to create a light, strong, and quick guide attachment. These materials are durable. In fact, the UV cured clear coat is resistant to water and sunlight, and will not yellow over time like epoxy.

Universal Fit

It is easy to replace a tiptop on a rod as long as you have a tiptop with a barrel that matches your rod. You can buy tiptop sets, but often you will use only one of the three or four tops in the kit because the extras don’t fit any of your rods. We solve this problem by supplying tiptops with slightly oversized barrels and using C-Tape to build up the tip of the rod to match the tiptop. This means every tiptop in our kit can be used on any of your rods. We created a universal fit. (Tiptops vary by fishing style. See the kits here.)

Easy On, Easy Off

It takes less than 10 minutes to attach a guide using our materials, and we include everything you need in our guide and tiptop replacement kits. We’ve made it very simple to make attractive, permanent repairs and keep your favorite rods ready to fish.
These materials are durable and create long-lasting repairs. However, it's easy to make additional repairs if necessary. Just heat the area next to the guide foot, cut through the wrap with a blade, and unpeel the wrap. Our guide attachment materials are much easier to remove than thread and epoxy.